Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DIY Pebble Cactus

My sister wanted to add a cactus to her desk and of course, it gave me an excuse to make this cactus DIY. I’ve seen this done many times on Pinterest but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it also! It’s so easy and affordable to create because you can literally find rocks and pebbles anywhere. I suggest using a smaller brush for the cactus details but overall, I really love how this turned out. It’s so little and cute I just want to make a pebble succulent garden!

Clay pot
Variety of green paint
White paint
Paint brush
Optional: Chalk/wax paint

1. With your choice of green paints, paint one side of the rock. Let it dry and then paint on the other side. Don’t forget to paint the sides! You may have to do two layers of paint for it to really show the green.
2. Once the paint has dried completely, paint some dots or lines to give the pebble the cactus look!
3. This is optional but I wanted to distress the flower pot by using a white wax paint. I love how it turned out this way.
4. Add some rocks or dirt to the pot and add your painted cactus pebbles into the pot.



  1. I am literally a cacti lover ������ we can decorate any part of the house with them and they are a detail that makes all the difference �� and this idea was fantastic, I love the result �� certainly your sister was also rendered to this diy

  2. This was such a cute idea!! Definitely have to try this sometime <3

    xo, Donna Belle


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