Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DIY Charm Choker

I have been wearing chokers sooo much lately and it’s been a huge trend! I loved making my own chokers because I was able to choose the colors I wanted and add the charms that I liked! This is so much cheaper than buying a $5 choker at a store because for $5, you get a whole bunch of ribbon to make at least 6 chokers!  What makes this really awesome is that you can change the charm or even take it off anytime you want to! I purchased all my supplies at a local craft store but I know they sell these on eBay and most likely Amazon.

Velvet or Silk Ribbon
Ribbon clamps
Lobster clasps
Jump rings

1. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around your neck. Cut one inch LESS than what actually wrapped around your neck. EX: Ribbon length wrapped around neck was 12 inches, cut only 11 inches.
2. Take two ribbon clamps and place them at each end of the ribbon. Use plyers to tighten the clamp securely onto the ribbon. Make sure to tighten the edge of the clamp!
3. Take a jump ring and open it (either with your fingers or plyers). Hook the lobster clasp and one end of the ribbon into the jump ring and close the ring. Make sure the two ends of the jump ring are closed tightly!
4. Take about 4-7 jump rings and attach it to each other. One easy way to do this is open one, add two rings, and close it up. That will give you 3 and you can just add the jump rings in this way so you don’t have to open every single one to make a chain.
5. Poke your charm into the front center of your choker and you are done! I had to cut a small hole to be able to poke the charm through.


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